Talking Heads made their first late-night talk show appearance in decades on last night’s episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

The host could hardly contain his excitement as he interviewed one of his personal favorite bands. “I am absolutely levitating talking to you right now. … I don’t even know how to be cool about this,” he said before asking “what it was like to hit as a band.” David ByrneTina WeymouthChris Frantz, and Jerry Harrison reminisced about going from playing for empty shopping malls and pizza parlors with a fire eater for support to playing CBGB and touring Europe with the Ramones.

Despite his gushing, Colbert didn’t shy away from asking the tough questions. The host and superfan inquired into the band’s drug use, recent friction between the group’s members, and—the big one—whether they’ll ever play together again. He even boldly if playfully suggested the four musicians walk over to the bandstand for an impromptu reunion performance, but they declined.

Of course, the interview also covered the newly remastered Stop Making Sense concert film, including the meaning of the title, how the augmented nine-piece band featured in the film came together, and how regaining the distribution rights the film pulled them back together to protect the band’s legacy.

Watch Talking Heads’ full interview on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert below.

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