The Black Crowes‘ longtime drummer Steve Gorman has announced a forthcoming, 288-page memoir, Hard To Handle: The Life & Death Of The Black Crowes, due out on September 24th via Da Capo Press.

Gorman recruited journalist Steven Hyden to help co-write the forthcoming book. Gorman and Hyden cover The Black Crowes’ early days and rise to fame, drama between the band’s three founding members ahead of their 25th anniversary, and much more.

Read a full description of the book below:

The Black Crowes played big, Southern rock and became popular precisely while hair bands and grunge were rebelling against it. They stayed on the radio through hip-hop’s rise to the mainstream and dominated the charts no matter what the tastes of the day might have been. They’ve sold 35 million albums and they continued to tour up until they finally had enough of each other in 2013. Even then, more than twenty years after Rolling Stone named them the Best New American Band in a 1990 cover story, they drew thousands of fans across the country at over 120 nearly sold-out dates on what ended up being their final tour.

That last tour was so successful that they planned to do a bigger, truly final 25th anniversary tour in 2015. Unfortunately, the animosity between the three founding members didn’t allow that to happen. Instead, they reverted to their old habits of fighting, blaming each other, drinking too much, and indulging all the other demons that the music industry seems to feed upon. While Steve Gorman may have felt relief at not having to head back out on the road, he did feel bad for the band’s fans. He felt he owed them one final show. This book is that final show. 

Following his tenure in The Black Crowes, Gorman worked as a sports talk radio host, hosting his own Steve Gorman Sports! on Fox Sports Radio. Gorman currently resides in Nashville, TN.

Fans can head here to pre-order a copy of Hard To Handle: The Life & Death Of The Black Crowes.