On November 19th, an extraordinary group of musicians will assemble at the new Hall at MP venue in Brooklyn, NY for an exciting edition of the Everyone Orchestra, presented by Live for Live Music and CEG. Conducted by Matt Butler, EO continues to push the boundaries of sonic exploration with every performance, and these top-notch musicians are sure to do justice to the concept.

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The full lineup will include Steve Kimock on guitar, John Morgan Kimock (Mike Gordon) on drums, Cris Jacobs (The Bridge) on guitar, Todd Stoops (RAQ/Oktopus) on keys, and Ashish Vyas (Thievery Corporation) on bass. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration, and who knows where it will go!

Everyone Orchestra performances are geared towards the unknown. As Butler recently told us, “I would say 99 percent of the time, [it’s] improvisation. My role as conductor is to create a framework for the improvisation to have a little bit more structure, to take some of the responsibly off the musicians on which way its going to go, but not necessarily telling the musicians what to play.” With this type of contextual vision, it’s easy to see why such a tremendous orchestra has our full support.

The Hall at MP features delicious, quality food from Michelin star chef Michael Psilakis, so come hungry!

Tickets for the performance are available here! It all goes down on November 19th, so don’t miss out.

Musicians Describe Everyone Orchestra:

Musicians Describe Everyone Orchestra from Peter Hwosch on Vimeo.