It’s safe to assume that Americans across the country are currently the cleanest they have ever been in terms of mass personal hygiene. Unnecessary touching of outside objects or other persons has become an unofficial law being practiced by anyone worried about contracting COVID-19 (coronavirus). Come to think about it, practices like that have really been the guideline for personal health safety even before this global pandemic–unless your name is Steven Tyler.

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The Aerosmith frontman who has never shied away getting a little weird for the sake of having a good time and keeping others entertained shared his own on-stage highlight reel comprised of video clips of all the times he’s licked, rubbed, bitten, and dry-humped his bandmates–basically doing everything we’re all supposed to not be doing right now as part of the country’s “Social Distancing” practices. To sum it up, the video is the worse nightmare for anyone who considers themselves a germaphobe.

Check out Steven Tyler’s complete lack of concern for personal hygiene while onstage below.

Tyler was recently in London where he and his fellow classic rock compadres shared the stage to pay tribute to original Fleetwood Mac guitarist Peter Green with an all-star performance at The London Palladium. Prior to that, Aerosmith returned to action to kick off their 2020 performances as part of the band’s ongoing DEUCES WILD Las Vegas residency.