A new podcast titled Still Chasing premieres on Wednesday. Hosted by Mike Finoia of Impractical Jokers and author Michael Shields, Still Chasing chronicles over two decades of traveling to see Phish play across the country.

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As noted in the podcast description, “some addicts chase the dragon. Others chase the danger. These two addicts chase moments…provided by the band Phish”. The two podcasters have been chasing the Phish from Vermont for over half their lives.

Throughout the series, Finoia and Shields conduct intimate fan interviews, play lost tapes, and provide previously unheard anecdotes from members of the Phish community. It highlights the connection between devoted fans and the band. It tackles the topic of fanaticism. Even more importantly, it answers the question of what keeps that devotion thriving in a world where it can be difficult to hold a fan’s attention for a night—let alone a year or decade.

While some may criticize the dedication, Finoia asks listeners to think before passing judgment. “Take a look at yourself,” he says. “You’d skip work for a fantasy draft or lie to your grandmother for a Walking Dead marathon, so back off. My thing just happens to be live music”.

The podcast will be released, in its entirety, on January 15th and is brought to you by OsirisClick here for more information.