With last weekend’s release of the second installment of Netflix original series Stranger Things, the world is once again buzzing about the show and its lovable young cast of misfits. Even if you hadn’t had a chance to binge the new set of episodes yet (it’s been a busy couple weeks, no spoilers!), you can still get into the mood with the season two soundtrack. However, as you listen to the new soundtrack (or the old one, for that matter), you may begin to notice something…strange…happen to your Spotify:

 Listen to the Stranger Things season 2 soundtrack below via Spotify:

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Whoa! When you open the Stranger Things soundtracks in Spotify, and either let the player sit or use the slider to navigate within a song, the streaming program takes you to “The Upside Down,” the frightful alternate dimension that the show’s young heroes have to understand and navigate in order to save their missing friend Will in the show’s first season. It doesn’t exactly do anything other than look fun and creepy, but hey, it’s good fun, and there’s always room for that.

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This season’s new set of tunes, once again composed by Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon of the electronic band Survive, continues the nostalgic ’80’s synth-groove aesthetic that made fans fall in love season 1’s audio backdrop, and is a perfectly creepy soundtrack for your next run, subway ride, work day, or whenever. So pop it on Spotify and dive into the Upside Down…just don’t get stuck there, it’s not the most pleasant place to chill.

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All episodes of Stranger Things 2 are streaming now exclusively on Netflix. Head here to watch.