Today, String Cheese Incident has released their latest single, “The Big Reveal”, from their experimental Sound Lab. A few weeks ago, ahead of the band’s return to their fan-favorite two-weekend music festival, Electric Forest, the group released two other singles from the Sound Lab, “Vertigo” and “Otherside”.

“Otherside” was a collaboration with electronic/pop trio TELYKast and dance music songstress Ruby Chase, with the guest artists pushing the song toward a more distinctly electronic sound. On the other hand, the Bill Nershi-penned “Vertigo” had a more old-school String Cheese rock sound, acting as a counterpoint to the EDM-infused “Otherside”.

Given the broad range of sounds across String Cheese Incident’s last two releases, “The Big Reveal” again returns to a more distinctly SCI-esque vibe—particularly in contrast to “Otherside”, which received mixed reviews from longtime fans.

“The Big Reveal” is led by the band’s keyboardist Kyle Hollingsworth and was penned by Hollingsworth and bassist Keith Moseley. He shared these insights on the song with us:

This was inspired by my early experiences at Grateful Dead shows. Keith and I co-wrote the lyrics together. It speaks of being young and finding how music can transform and expand your consciousness, allowing you to find your place in a bigger community. For me, some of those early Dead shows were my ‘ah ha’ moment. And to some degree lead me to become a musician. Musically, it’s based on a funky jam that we had improvised at Merriweather Post Pavilion in 2016 called ‘Crab Chips Jam.’ It’s fun to occasionally dive back into the SCI archives and find some unique gems to build songs around!

You can listen to the new single below:

The String Cheese Incident – “The Big Reveal”

Up next for String Cheese Incident is weekend 2 of Electric Forest. From there, the band’s performance at High Sierra Music Festival will kick off their West Coast run, which will also find the band performing a two-night stand at Eugene, Oregon’s Cuthbert Amphitheatre. On July 14th and 15th, the band will perform at Telluride, Colorado’s RIDE Festival, which kicks off a seven-night run in Colorado with an additional two nights at the newly remodeled Dillon Amphitheater and three nights at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre. For ticketing and more information on the band’s upcoming tour dates, head to String Cheese Incident’s website here.