On Tuesday night, The String Cheese Incident offered up their first of two nights at Dillon, CO’s picturesque Dillon Amphitheater.

The String Cheese Incident opened up their first set with “‘Round The Wheel”, with Michael Kang and Kyle Hollingsworth laying down some well-executed vocal harmonies behind Bill Nershi‘s lead. Nershi cranked up the heat as he led his bandmates into a bouncy “Johnny Cash”, which smoothly flowed into “Blue Bossa”, with the latter played for the first time since 8/5/2017 in Princeton, BC. Hollingsworth and Kang locked into an exploratory jam, backed by their infectious rhythm section consisting of Keith Moseley, Michael Travis, and Jason Hann. The sextet kept on rolling with “Love Is Like A Train”, allowing Hollingsworth the opportunity to dazzle the crowd with some explosive keyboard work. Moving out of the composed section, Hollingsworth continued to up the ante, as he traded off red-hot licks with Kang and Nershi. SCI brought their first set to a close with a massive “Turn This Around” > “Eye Know Why” > “Restless Wind” segue.

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Following a brief set break, the band returned to open up their second set with “Black and White” just as the sun was setting behind Summit County’s gorgeous mountains. Moseley changed up the tempo with a funky bass groove before “Black and White” landed into “So Far From Home”. Following a brief moment to catch their breaths, the band moved forward with “Way That It Goes”, as Hollingsworth and Kang bounced off of each other with a series of evolving solos. Next, Moseley stepped up to the mic to lead his bandmates through “Until The Music’s Over”, allowing Kang and Nershi to lock into some delicate interplay. Smoothly flowing out of “Until The Music’s Over”, SCI sandwiched “Orange Blossom Special” in between a colossal “Birdland”, marking the first time the band has played “Orange Blossom Special” since 7/21/17 in Morrison, CO. The band brought the second set to a close with “Beautiful” before delivering a lone encore of Peter Rowan‘s “Midnight Moonlight”.

The String Cheese Incident returns to Dillon Amphitheater tonight, Wednesday, July 17th, followed by a three-night Red Rocks Amphitheatre run this weekend.

For a full list of the band’s upcoming tour dates, ticketing, and more information, head to The String Cheese Incident’s website.

Setlist: The String Cheese Incident | Dillon Amphitheater | Dillon, CO | 7/16/2019

Set One: ‘Round The Wheel, Johnny Cash > Blue Bossa, Love Is Like A Train, Turn This Around > Eye Know Why > Restless Wind

Set Two: Black and White > So Far From Home, Way That It Goes, Until The Music’s Over > Birdland > Orange Blossom Special > Birdland, Beautiful

Encore: Midnight Moonlight