The String Cheese Incident have released the second in a series of ‘Rig Vids‘ videos, this one featuring drummer Michael Travis.

Rather than immediately getting bogged down in the specifics of instrument brands, Travis begins the video with a bit of history of his rig. He shows viewers the first pieces of his much simpler kit that was employed at the start of Cheese’s tenure over 25 years ago: just congas, bongos, and “this cowbell-thing woodblock.” Travis said that woodblock has been to every single String Cheese show since the band formed. He also sprinkles in some of his personal history by recounting how he transitioned from being predominantly about African drums to getting acquainted with the five-piece drum kit he uses today.

Over time, Travis developed somewhat of a hybrid technique that sees him using one hand for the congas and other African drums, while holding a drum stick with the other hand to work the snare and symbols. When Jason Hann joined the group in 2006, Travis moved into a more-traditional role as a drummer and away from the hand drums except for solos and other songs that already incorporated them. “I learned to simple down musically for sure, play a lot less because if I was doing all kids of crazy stuff and Jason was doing crazy stuff, then it’d be too much.” After briefly going through the specifics and brands of his equipment, Travis leaves the viewers with his motto for drumming, and life in general, “my key to success is not to do anything stupid that I’m trying to do that I can’t do.”

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Watch the second installment of The String Cheese Incident’s ‘Rig Vids’ series, featuring drummer Michael Travis.

‘Rig Vids’ – Michael Travis

[Video: The String Cheese Incident]

While on a six-month break, The String Cheese Incident has been gradually filling up its summer with tour announcements, featuring stand-alone concerts in Utah, Montana, Colorado, a run of shows in New England for the 4th of July, and a three-night run at the opening of the Brooklyn Bowl Nashville in July.  These join a festival-laden schedule for Cheese, featuring headlining slots at Hog Farm HangoutThe Peach Music FestivalElectric Forest, and Floydfest. Head to the band’s website for tickets and information.