STS9 and their fans were back underground last night as the jamtronica outfit hosted the second of two weekend headlining shows at The Caverns in Pelham, TN on Sunday. Following an epic first night of music in the cave/music venue on Saturday, the band returned to deliver some notable bust-outs throughout their two-set performance.

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The first set opened with “ABCees” and transitioned right into “Rise Above”. The band continued with “Get Loud”, before returning right into “ABCees”. The music kept rolling with “Hidden Fist” into “Hubble”, followed by “Looking Back on Earth”. The set came to a climactic close following a four-song, five-part segue starting with “Twilight” and continuing into “The Spectacle”, “Equinox”, “Dance” and returning to “Equinox” to send fans into set break.

Watch the band’s first-set performance of “Twilight” from Sunday below.

STS9 – “Twilight” – 10/27/19

[Video: brentndifer]

The second half of the show started with a special performance of “Empires”, marking the first time that Sound Tribe has played the 2008 original since December, 29th 2013. The bust-outs didn’t stop there, as the music continued right into STS9’s first performance of “The New Soma” since December 30th, 2013. The set continued with “Be Pulse”, “King Pharoah’s Tomb”, “Days Out of Time”, “Tap-In”, “Evasive Maneuvers” and “Kamuy”. The show’s two-song encore sent fans home happy with “A03” into “Push the Sky”.

STS9’s next scheduled performance will be that of their appearance at the Wonderfront Music & Arts Festival in San Diego, CA. Head to the band’s website for tickets and tour info.

Scroll down for a full gallery of photos from Sunday’s underground performance, courtesy of photographer Kendall McCargo.

Setlist: STS9 | The Caverns | Pelham, TN | 10/27/19

Set One: ABCees > Rise Above, Get Loud > ABCees, Hidden Hand, Hidden Fist* > Hubble, Looking Back on Earth$, Twilight > The Spectacle > Equinox > Dance > Equinox

Set Two: Empires# > The New Soma@, Be Pulse, King Pharoah’s Tomb, Days Out of Time > Tap-In, Evasive Maneuvers^ > Kamuy

Encore: A03 > Push the Sky

* Unfinished
$ Twilight samples
# Last time played was 12/29/2013
@ Last time played was 12/30/2013
^ Extended segue jam