Five-piece electronica outfit STS9 ignited Denver’s Paramount Theatre last night to open up their three nights playing the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

For the past several years, the band has played three consecutive nights at Morrison, CO’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre, but decided to switch it up this year and instead treat fans to a special, more intimate show at the historical Paramount Theatre.

Coming off a high from nine sets at their second annual Wave Spell Live Festival in Belden Town, CA, the group kicked off their first of seven weekend sets with a special “Wave Spell Live” set. For two full hours, STS9 played nonstop improv for their fans in the artsy theater, expressing their musically united skills to give fans a completely new STS9 experience.

As STS9 gathered to their spaceship seats, STS9 blasted off a little after 9 p.m. to begin their musical journey. Starting with a gradual upbeat, the band emphasized tribal, earthy drumming all night. After 30-minutes of their improv, bassist Alana Rocklin took out her stand up bass as world-renowned turntablist Chris Karns joined the band on stage. With Karns completing the six-piece, Karns sat in for nearly 30-minutes throughout the show, live scratching over the jamtronica’s continuous dance improv. With Karns on the turntable, the group played off the vibe in the theater and bounced off of Rocklin’s deep bass riffs, eventually peaking into a continuous funky jungle jam.

STS9 ft. Chris Karns – Wave Spell Live Festival 2019

[Video: Chris Karns]

An hour into the show with no signs of stopping, the band took the beat to a low, jazzy bit, ringing light and airy percussion over the sold-out crowd. The stage turned into a scaly, patterned floor and the group continued to trace the crowd with their mystifying beat. As 11 p.m. rolled around, the band peaked into a finale buildup that left the crowd into a huge roar of cheers. Coming back for the encore, STS9 greeted Karns back onstage for an epic 20-minute encore jam, exploding into an electric space crescendo and crash landing into the outer realm.

STS9 ft. Chris Karns – Paramount Theatre – 09/05/19

[Video: Live For Live Music]

STS9  – Paramount Theatre – 09/05/19

[Video: Live For Live Music]

STS9 will continue their musical soundscape experience with two nights and six total sets at Red Rocks Amphitheatre tonight with Marvel Years and Ott and tomorrow with Eprom and Thriftworks. Unveiling a whole new production, it will reflect and move in conjunction with the concept “Push The Sky” connecting with the cosmos through nature, sound and light. “Pushing Up the Sky” is a Native American myth, where the Creator made many tribes, all with different languages, making it difficult for the people to communicate. Back then the sky was so low to the ground, it was hard to see anything on Earth. The people had to find a way to work together, so they could push up the sky. They came up with a word, “YA-HOH” to shout together as they pushed in unison. In the end, they worked together to change the world, putting the sky where it is today. STS9 will pay homage to this story at tonight and tomorrow’s Red Rocks shows, naturally guiding their focus towards the cosmos and our connection to each other and the universe. Tickets are still onsale here.

You can view a photo gallery of STS9’s space-filled night at the Paramount Theatre below courtesy of photographer Kendall McCargo.