Last month, Live for Live Music and CEG Presents threw a beyond sold-out Evolution of Jam show at DROM in New York City. People were getting down and having a great time, with great bands, at an awesome venue.

The response was so overwhelmingly positive, that we decided to recruit members of MUN, Chromatropic, Teddy Midnight, Space Bacon, Fundimensionals, and Mother’s Wine to continue the evolution and feature tributes to some of the best touring live electronica acts in the scene: STS9, Lotus, and the New Deal. On Friday, December 19th at DROM, for Volume 2 of our Evolution of Jam series, get ready to get down with We’ll Meet In Our Dreams (STS9 Tribute), Spiritualized ft. Space Bacon (Lotus Tribute), and Deep Sun ft. members of Teddy Midnight and Chromatropic (the New Deal Tribute). Tickets are $12 advance / $15 at the door. That’s a pretty epic price for 6 hours worth of music with some of the local scenes best up and coming musicians playing tributes to these incredible bands.  Purchase Tickets Here!

STS9, Lotus, and the New Deal are among the heaviest hitting live electronic acts in the scene today, and have been at the forefront of the scene for many years. Why not get down to the music of all three in one show? We’ll Meet In Our Dreams features members of Mun, Teddy Midnight, Chromatropic, Fundimensionals & Mother’s Wine, and have received nothing but incredible reviews of their tribute to STS9. The members of Space Bacon are no strangers to the fusion of the funk & untz; their Lotus tribute set is sure to impress. And members of Teddy Midnight and Chromatropic will team back up for the unique and distinct sound that the New Deal has created. Rest your legs, because this is going to be an all-night dance party.

***Tickets for the show are $12adv/$15dos, and can be purchased here.***


Billing: Evolution of Jam Vol. 2: Tributes to STS9, Lotus, and The New Deal ft. We’ll Meet In Our Dreams: Tribute to STS9, Spiritualized: Tribute To Lotus ft. Space Bacon, and Deep Sun: Tribute To The New Deal ft. members of Teddy Midnight & Chromatropic
Date: Friday, December 19th, 2014
Venue: DROM
Time: 9:00 PM Doors, 9:30 PM Show
Tickets: $12 adv / $15 dos