Jamtronica powerhouse Sound Tribe Sector 9 has announced a new concert audio series entitled, Visions Tapes, that will blend together recorded live tracks into all-new mashups of fan-favorite songs.

The band shared the first recordings in the collection on Thursday with the release of, “When The Dust Settles Reprise > Tooth”, which is just a sample of what STS9 has found after scouring the past two years worth of live archives, searching for standout transitions between songs.

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“Over the past few years we’ve been digging into our catalog,” guitarist Hunter Brown said with the announcement. “Making new mixes and mashups for our live performances. It’s been a lot of fun exploring the threads that connect all of the music we’ve made together.”

Listen to the first track from Visions Tapes, “When The Dust Settles Reprise > Tooth” below.

STS9 — “When The Dust Settles Reprise > Tooth” [Visions Tapes]

[Video: STS9]

In addition to the Visions Tapes announce, STS9 also revealed they will relaunch their charity, The Just Thanks Organization, which has been dedicated to a variety of environmental and sustainability causes over the years. The next project for the charity will be meeting a pledge of twenty-five thousand dollars to Save The Redwood League’s mission to buy Alder Forest, one of the more significant giant sequoia conservation projects out there today. One of the ways the band plans to meet this goal is by donating one dollar from every concert ticket sold toward the fund and, once reached, giving a name chosen by their fans to a sequoia in Alder Forest.

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Both these announcements come just before STS9 embarks on their New Year’s Eve run in their native Atlanta on December 27th-31st, where the band will play three nights at their beloved Tabernacle along with an intimate show at Ravine December 30th. Tickets are available here.