STS9’s second annual Wave Spell Live returns to Northern California’s Belden Town Resort next month on August 15th–18th.

The band’s immersive festival concept will feature nine total sets of STS9, each showcasing a unique corner of the band’s extensive sonic catalog. The festival will also include three Wave Spell Sets of pure improvisation similar to the live format which the band premiered at the inaugural festival last year.

Watch STS9’s Psychedelic Improv Set With Richard Devine At The Inaugural Wave Spell Live [Full Set Video]

Focusing on music, art, and community at its core, Wave Spell is STS9 in its rawest form, offering a unique look into both the community ethos and famously forward-thinking sonic fusion upon which STS9 has built its trailblazing legacy. The band’s Wave Spell sets have no setlists or conversations of what to play, as they tap into the moment and communicate through live instrumentation and exploration.

“Wave spell is music made in a moment under the sun, moon, and stars, it’s a way for us to embrace the unexpected by listening and communicating,” STS9 remarks.

This year’s festival looks even more promising than last year, with a lineup filled with live electronica acts including The New Deal, Thriftworks, SoDown, Mark Farina (Mushroom Jazz), Random Rab, Christian Martin (Dirtybird, TAT), Richard Devine, Russ Liquid, Bluetech, Yak Attack, Maddy O’Neal, Eminence Ensemble, and more, all on in intimate forested, stage environments, and a swim-friendly beach stage that will go until 5 a.m. each night. The event will also feature “special” sets by SUB ID, David Phipps, and Zach Velmer.

This year’s Wave Spell gives attendees time to explore interactive art installations, soak in live painting, art galleries, and crystal displays as well as take part in the many yoga workshops throughout the weekend. California’s hot sun won’t be a problem for STS9 fans, with free swimming access in the Feather River, Belden Town beach access, a morning Bloody Mary pub, a full-service restaurant, and general store. Attendees will have the option to camp on shaded, soft sand right on the river, or lodge in cabins and hotels onsite.

As a zero-waste, leave-no-trace event, attendees are encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottles and be courteous and respectful of the festival grounds. Taking place during California’s fire season, attendees have the option to bring their own grill or take advantage of the Communal Grilling Area with a respected fire permit.

Tickets to this year’s Wave Spell can be purchased here.

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