Nineties reggae-rock trio Sublime will be the subject of a new biopic, the band and Sony’s 3000 Pictures confirmed. The movie will detail the story of the group’s celebrated career, which saw the three musicians (and their canine mascot Lou Dog) rise from humble origins in Long Beach, CA, where they first came together in 1988, to become one of the most beloved bands of the ’90s despite being halted by the untimely death of singer Bradley Nowell after releasing just three studio albums.

Drummer Bud Gaugh and bassist Eric Wilson are signed on to the project as executive producers alongside representatives of Bradley Nowell’s estate including his widow and son.

“Wow–we can’t believe this is finally happening and we couldn’t be more honored and excited to have the great Francis Lawrence and Chris Mundy telling our story,” the band shared. Lawrence previously worked on blockbuster films I Am Legend and Hunger Games, while Mundy is best known for his work on hit shows Criminal Minds and Ozark. “We are so grateful to Peter Paterno and Dave Kaplan/Surfdog for their years of persistence and vision in getting this film going and thankful to Sony’s 3000 Pictures and Chernin Entertainment for believing in us and getting it on the big screen. We know Bradley’s talent and spirit will be part of this incredible journey.”

Other executive producers include Scott Seine (Surfdog/DKM) and Cameron MacComony (About:Blank). Kaplan (Surfdog/DKM), Paterno (KHPS), Lawerence, and Chernin Entertainment’s Peter Chernin, Jenno Toping, and David Ready are among the film’s producers.

Kaplan, Sublime’s manager, added, “We’re thrilled Sublime’s insanely cool and important story will finally be told. They were fearless and pioneering in bringing together so many musical genres, cultures, and lifestyles during their short time as a band, and their music is still influencing musicians and artists to this day. Peter Paterno and I spent the last six years searching for the right partners and we are pinching ourselves with this ‘Dream Team’ of Elizabeth Gabler and Marisa Paiva at 3000 Pictures, Francis Lawrence, Chris Mundy and the Chernin folks and can’t wait to see this film made.”

Stay tuned for updates.