The latest installment of the Sugarshack and Live For Live Music “Miami Sessions” features Boston-based singer-songwriter and guitarist Ryan Montbleau performing a “be-a-utiful” rendition of “Songbird” from his 2010 release, Heavy on the Vine.

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Standing barefoot in the center of an ornate rug, Montbleau sings elegantly as he strums along to the reggae-inspired tune. While this version has a different feel than the album rendition due to its stripped-down, acoustic nature, it maintains the vocal grace and punctual guitar work fans on Montbleau have come to expect. His songbird whistles only add to the joyful ambiance of this intimate session.

“Sweet little songbird sitting on a wire/ Sing the fire from your belly so small/ Sound waves roll and the waves spread wider/ You sing your song ’til its six feet tall,” he sang to the empty living room before launching into the song’s catchy chorus and receiving intimate applause upon the song’s conclusion.

“Sugarshack has an incredible crew of folks so this session was a blast. We shot it in a rented house in Miami right before Jam Cruise.” Montbleau tells Live For Live Music. “Ghost-Note was in the house doing their session right before I did mine and just tearing the roof off of the place. But I stepped up solo and sang my heart out. This is the only older song I did, there are some new songs coming from this session…”

Watch Ryan Montbleau perform “Songbird” for Sugarshack Music Channel below:

Ryan Montbleau – “Songbird” (Live Acoustic) – Sugarshack Sessions x Live For Live Music

[Video: Sugarshack Music Channel]

The Ryan Montbleau “Songbird” video is the fifth video to be released from the Sugarshack/Live For Live Music Miami Sessions, following Ghost-Note‘s “PhattBacc”SPAGA‘s “Four Angels”Mihali‘s “Empty Overflow”, and Tom Hamilton‘s “Running in Place”. Stay tuned for more releases from the Sugarshack/Live For Live Music “Miami Sessions” coming weeks.

For more information about Ryan Montbleau, head to his website here.