With the news that Widespread Panic‘s decision to not tour after this year causing, well, a panic amongst fans, frontman John Bell has since clarified some of the initial statements, saying the band is just scaling things back after this year. In addition, percussionist Sunny Ortiz also allayed the fears that Panic wouldn’t be touring at all. In an interview with C-Ville, Ortiz discussed the group 30th anniversary tour, and the decision to simply take some time to concentrate on family, recharge the batteries, and work on non-Panic related projects when the celebration is over.

Widespread Panic Will Not Be Extensively Touring After This Year

Ortiz clarified the no-touring statement: “Well, I think you almost have to read in between the lines, you know. We really didn’t say, or at least we really didn’t come to a decision as far as [to] stop touring. I think what the verbiage should have said was that we’re going to do a smaller amount of shows than we are doing this year.”

Widespread Panic Heats Up The Historic Tenneesee Theatre For Two Night Run [Setlist/Stream]

With the decision to dial things down from the arduous touring schedule that provides plenty of wear and tear both physically and mentally, the band will still play the major multi-night runs, festival plays, and do some minor touring, but stay away from the 100-date a year, day-in, day-out tour bus lifestyle, as Ortiz explains “for us to say that we’re going to not tour. …I think we need to expand on that and say, ‘Yeah, we’ve got to tour. We have to sustain ourselves.’ It’s what we’ve been doing for the past 30 years is touring..”.

In short, relax, there will still be plenty of time to get your Panic on.

[via C-Ville.com]