Every concert-goer at one point or another has faced the dreaded “Sold Out” screen, or has mistakenly bought tickets for the wrong day of the concert; being stuck with the difficult decision of attempting to deal with a scalper or putting the ticket up on Craigslist is always a risk, one that many people don’t want to take, so they miss out or eat the cost.

CashorTrade.Org (COT), a partner of Phish.net and 25 other websites that use their ticket lists (including Live for Live Music), active and free for the past four years, is and has been here to help keep the reliability and fairness in live music. But now the organization needs your help to keep functioning. Up to 25,000 users strong now, the website prides itself on its ability to offer trading and selling of tickets for face-value rather than for surreal exploitation for profit.

Brando, one of the site’s founders, has said the following:

“We see so many ways in which we could advance the program and supply more tickets to more events, yet time and money is limited. In an effort to keep CashOrTrade alive and to bring it to the next level we need your help. We are just now releasing our new Gold Membership to help fund the launch of our new trade tools.”

To keep the website running smoothly with so many users, Brando and Dusty Rich (the two founders) are proposing the following: become a gold member and make a donation. You get perks and better service, and they’re able to keep the website functional to its highest potential.

If you’ve used the site before and have seen the convenience first-hand, or if you simply support the cause, you can support CashorTrade.Org by donating here. You can watch the entire request video below.  And remember, Embrace The Face!  Live for Live Music is a strong supporter of what Brando and Dusty are doing, and we urge you to help support the cause.