Tank and the Bangas made sure that 2021 was full of surprises, especially down at the legendary Spirit Of The Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, Florida in April. The New Orleans outfit’s high-energy set was one of the true highlights of the Suwannee Surprise, a drive-in event that was held the weekend after the limited-size 2021 Suwannee Rising “Dive-In” edition (these last two years have been crazy to predict but this beloved venue always finds a way to bring magic music to the people).

Tarriona “Tank” Ball‘s has the type of energy that’s simply irresistible to a crowd. She’s a smiling, singing, dancing, poetry spittin’ wrecking ball of love. Her call-and-response interactions with the band, particularly backup singer Anjelika “Jelly” Joseph, seem genuinely inquisitive. It’s like she’s gathering consensus on whether to kick things up a notch—and the answer always seems to be a unanimous, “YES!”

Bangas musical director Norman Spence on bass and synth keys works well with drummer Joshua Johnson to create a wide open pocket for the rest of the band to get loose as gooses. Of particular note is guitarist Danny Abel, whose shredding borders on beastly and would be just as home with a metal band as he is getting funky!

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Our own Rex-A-Vision was on hand for the festivities at Suwannee Surprise. Enjoy these never-before-seen videos of Tank and the Bangas performing at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in April as a little New Year’s pick-me-up. See you in 2022! For a list of upcoming Tank and the Bangas tour dates, head here.

Tank and the Bangas – “Quick”

Tank and the Bangas – “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (Nirvana)

Tank and the Bangas – “Dope Girl Magic”

Tank and the Bangas – “Nice Things”

Tank and the Bangas – “Smoke.Netflix.Chill”

Tank and the Bangas – “Self Care”

Tank and the Bangas – “Hot Air Balloons” > “Ants” – Suwannee Surprise 2021