Tash Sultana has released a new single, “Pretty Lady”, along with a crowdsourced music video.

“Pretty Lady” marks Sultana’s first release of 2020, following a year that saw the Australian singer-songwriter’s debut album, Jungle, go double platinum. Now, Sultana is back with a more refined product.

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The song opens with a lone isolated guitar that is soon joined by reverb-laden claps. Before long, silky vocals of “Pretty Lady” drop in to help form the song’s dreamy soundscape. The track begins to build with Sultana’s familiar looping techniques, as the guitar becomes denser and the vocals more layered. The repeated phrase “Pretty lady where you going so fast/Try to make a moment last/Come and take my hand why don’t you, you/Pretty lady,” loops over and over, becoming itself part of the rhythm.

All the while, the music video for “Pretty Lady” features an array of pretty ladies, men, kids, and even dogs dancing along to the song’s steady, infectious rhythm. Just as the song becomes trance-like after three-and-a-half minutes, “Pretty Lady” breaks back down to the fundamental roots of Sultana’s guitar and fades out.

Tash says of the song,

I’ve been trying to figure out how to write this song for like six years. I used to loop it and just free style to it when I was busking years ago, but I always got stuck on the same parts. I put the song in a box at the back of my mind and revisited it in November 2019. I had Dann [Hume] and Matt [Corby] spend some time in my studio and that’s when I decided to show them this song. It’s my first song I’ve collaborated with other players on.

Watch the crowdsourced video for the new Tash Sultana song, “Pretty Lady”.

Tash Sultana – “Pretty Lady” (Official Video)

[Video: Tash Sultana]

“Pretty Lady” is set to appear on Sultana’s still untitled sophomore album later this year. She is set to head out on an international tour starting in late May, however that is up in the air as tours and festivals around the world are canceled in response to COVID-19. Visit her website for up-to-date information.