TAUK has entered the space race alongside billionaires Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos with the band’s relevant new video for “Moon Dub”. The instrumental quartet released the single earlier this month, marking its first studio output since March 2020.

In the new video directed by Dani Barbieri, the band members suit up for the final frontier. Meanwhile, the spacey new single sets the mood as guitarist Matt Jalbert, keyboardist Alric “A.C.” Carter, drummer Isaac Teel, and bassist Charlie Dolan prepare to find out if they have the right stuff.

“The floating, spacey nature of the song coupled with Dani’s excellent creative input and execution brought us to Volvox Labs where we were able to make it feel like we are playing on the moon and do the shoot on their high-tech screens and come away with an amazing looking video,” Jalbert said in a press release. “It was then that we actually landed on the song title. It was damn hot in those space suits, but worth it in the end.”

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While TAUK pretends to explore the cold vacuum of space, the reality of the video shoot was far different. The entire “Moon Dub” video was recorded in one day on a particularly hot afternoon in New York City in a studio with no air conditioning. Yet, even with all of those difficulties, Barbieri says that “the men in TAUK brought 100% energy to every single take. They are true heroes and it was a gift and a dream to take them to the moon!”

The band and Barbieri went all out on production for the video, assuring a finished product that was more 2001: A Space Odyssey than Plan 9 From Outer Space.

“This was the most ambitious production I’ve ever taken on—between integrating cutting edge LED screen technology, Super 8mm film, and stop motion animation, there were A LOT of moving parts,” Barbieri, who is credited with production, costume design and set design, alongside directing the video, said.

Watch the new music video for “Moon Dub” by TAUK and click here to stream the track on your preferred platform. Keep a lookout for TAUK on the band’s upcoming Chaos Companion Tour, as well as the group’s August 13th Phish aftershow in Atlantic City featuring a special Beatles vs. Hendrix set with opening support from Boombox. For a full list of TAUK tour dates, head to the band’s website.

TAUK – “Moon Dub” (Official Video)

[Video: TAUK]