Some teenage music fans have been keeping themselves busy without any live music these days by fully embracing the music of jazz bassist Thundercat. Earlier this month, a teenage British jazz trio shared their impressive group cover of Thundercat’s “Them Changes”, and now another young bassist and singer named Trey Campbell has showcased his chops with a very well-edited video og him covering “Existential Dread”.

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Campbell didn’t just deliver a traditional performance for his new video showcasing his take on “Existential Dread”, which appeared on Thundercat’s recently-released studio album, It Is What It IsCampbell’s layered tracks on cello, upright bass, and cajon matched with the layered vocal tracks all combine to make a pretty impressive quarantine performance project. The cover was good enough to earn the digital thumbs-up from Thundercat himself, as the famous bassist made sure to share Campbell’s performance on Twitter.

Watch Campbell’s impressive, multi-layered cover of “Existential Dread” below.