Last August Tenacious D released a mini-documentary of their summer tour in which members Jack Black and Kyle Gass (“Kage”) previewed a new song they recorded with Jack White. The long-sought collaboration between Jacks Black and White finally brought about Jack Gray. A few months later, the duo released the track, titled “Don’t Blow It Kage”, and now Tenacious D have shared a music video for the song.

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The Sammy Black-directed video depicts the two Tenacious D members recording the song in a makeshift studio. In true Tenacious D fashion, Black and Gass strum their acoustic guitars along to the song while bouncing around their separate rooms. Seemingly filmed in quarantine style, the two perform with all of the energy fans have come to expect from The D, as images of Jack White flash across the screen. Animated faces and forceful playing abound, the video for “Don’t Blow It Kage” shows what the recording session would have looked like had White allowed them to film and include it as part of the mini-documentary.

Watch the entire video below via the band’s Instagram.

Tenacious D – “Don’t Blow It Kage” – [Official Music Video]


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Tenacious D are set to kick off The Purple Nurple tour this September, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the status of those shows is in question. Head to the band’s website for the latest information.