In an attempt to reconnect with their blue-collar roots, The Black Keys mop up bodily fluids from the leaders of tomorrow in the new music video for “Wild Child”. The song is set to appear on the duo’s forthcoming 11th album, Dropout Boogie, out on May 13th via Nonesuch Records.

Set to arrive one day before the 20th anniversary of The Black Keys’ debut, The Big Come UpDropout Boogie finds Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney bringing it all back home. The Akron, OH-bred garage rockers committed a number of first takes to wax in a return to the band’s stripped-down essence.

“That’s always been the beauty of the thing Pat and I do. It’s instant,” Auerbach said. “We’ve never really had to work at it. Whenever we’d get together, we’d just make music, you know? We didn’t know what we were going to do, but we’d just do it and it would sound cool. It’s the natural chemistry Pat and I have. Being in a band this long is a testament to that. It was a real gift that we were given. I mean, the odds of being plopped down a block-and-a-half from each other in Akron, Ohio–it just seems crazy.”

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While the band heralds these stylistic returns, there are indelible marks of the last two decades on “Wild Child”. Dan Auerbach’s clean production stylings coat the track that ignites with a disco-tinged guitar riff and pounding kick drum reminiscent of a garage rock jam. Just like in the music video, Dan and Pat aren’t trying to go back in time and do what they’ve already done, whether that be attending high school or making low-fidelity underground blues. Instead, they’re reconnecting with those roots while also sporting some of the perks success has brought them, be it advanced recording techniques or the Rolls Royces they use to ride off into the sunset at the end of the video.

The Black Keys recruited a number of guest contributors for Dropout Boogie, including Greg Cartwright (Reigning Sound) and Angelo Petraglia (Kings of Leon) who are heard on “Wild Child”.  ZZ Top guitarist Billy F. Gibbons also makes an appearance on the coming LP.

“Living in Nashville and making records here has opened both of our minds to that experience a little bit more,” Auerbach said. “I knew Pat would love working with both of these guys, so we decided we’d give it a shot. It was the first time we’d ever really done that. It was fun as hell. We just sat around a table with acoustic guitars and worked out a song ahead of time.”

Watch the music video for The Black Keys’ new single, “Wild Child”, and pre-order Dropout Boogie here. The band will head out on the Dropout Boogie tour this summer with support from Band of Horses throughout, with Ceramic Animal, Early James, and The Velveteers opening on select dates.

The Black Keys – “Wild Child” (Official Video)