In anticipation of their new studio album, Somewhere Under Wonderland, being released September 2nd, The Counting Crows are revealing the title of each of their new songs in a unique way, while engaging their fans across the country.

The Counting Crows are taking over areas like Los Angeles and soon New York with 3D chalk reveals of the titles of the tracks.  They are releasing clues about the location of each piece on their Facebook page; In LA the first 5 people to scout out the location and show up win the Deluxe Book and CD edition of Somewhere Under Wonderland.


For fans in New York, they are playing a free show at Irving Plaza on August 31st, where they will perform the new album in its entirety. The catch is: throughout the week leading up to the show, the band will be releasing clues to each location of their 3D chalk art reveals throughout New York City. The first 75 people at each location will be given tickets to the exclusive show. There will be five more songs released; five chances for free tickets!  


If running around the City isn’t for you, there will also be a chance to win tickets through Sirius XM The Spectrum’s Facebook Page. And for those out of state, the concert will be live streamed on Live Nation Channel on Yahoo Screen.

The Counting Crows are not only building up the hype for their new album by releasing the title of each track with a unique piece of art to go along it, but they are encouraging their fans to get involved and have fun alongside them. I know I’ll be on the lookout for these gems around the city!