The Disco Biscuits will sail the high seas from September 9th–15th, 2025 on the band’s new nautical adventure, SeaBisco Alaska. The aquatic excursion from the trancefusion pioneers will sail from Seattle, WA and travel through The Last Frontier and back “with what’s presumed to be a lineup of nationally known live acts and of course at least a few Disco Biscuits sets,” according to a press release.

The Biscuits soft-announced SeaBisco this past weekend at the band’s second-annual Biscoland festival at Wonderland Forest in LaFayette, NY. Like Tuesday’s official announcement, the band was sparing on details and has yet to reveal any lineup information. The statement from the band asks fans to stay tuned to the event website for information on the cruise including ports and lineup. Fans can also sign up for updates and priority access to pre-sale cabins.

SeaBisco marks the latest new venture of The Disco Biscuits’ ongoing Renaissance period. Coming out of the pandemic with a renewed drive and commitment to the road, the band has toured the U.S. vigorously in the years since. Between nationwide tours—some of which have visited cities the band hadn’t played in decades—the band took fans abroad to Reykjavík, Iceland for a three-day Tranceatlantic event featuring seven sets of Biscuits and several supporting acts. After Tranceatlantic (and more touring) the band launched its curated Biscoland at Wonderland Forest last October, echoing the storied history of Camp Bisco festivals (albeit on a smaller, more relaxed scale). Amid that prodigious performing schedule, the band also released its first new studio album in nearly a decade, Revolution in Motion, which doubles as a “space opera” concept album. Now, on the heels of its second-annual Biscoland which saw the band debut more new compositions, The Disco Biscuits have set their sights on the sea for the inaugural SeaBisco.

For more information on the event, head here. For a full list of The Disco Biscuits’ upcoming tour dates, head here.