This year, The Doors will celebrate the 50th-anniversary of Waiting For The Sun, The Doors’ first and only number one album and featured the group’s second number one single in the U.S., “Hello, I Love You”. Marking the group’s third studio album, Waiting For The Sun was originally released in 1968. To celebrate this anniversary, The Doors will reissue the classic album, with the anniversary edition featuring 14 previously unreleased tracks, which is due out on September 14th via Rhino.

Available as both a 2-CD set and on 180-gram vinyl, the 50th-anniversary of Waiting For The Sun will feature a fully remastered version of the album’s original stereo mix. Furthermore, the set will also include a second disc of 14 unreleased tracks. As noted by Rolling Stone,

Of the 14 unreleased recordings, nine are early “rough mixes” cut during the original recording sessions, which longtime Doors engineer/mixer Bruce Botnick discovered while digging through his archives. … The remaining five unreleased tracks were recorded live at a September 17th, 1968 Doors concert in Copenhagen, Denmark. The live selections include Waiting for the Sun staples “Hello, I Love You,” “Five to One” and “The Unknown Soldier,” as well as “Back Door Man” and “The WASP (Texas Radio and the Big Beat).”

Botnick explained to the outlet about the rough mixes, “I prefer some of these rough mixes to the finals, as they represent all of the elements and additional background vocals, different sensibilities on balances, and some intangible roughness, all of which are quite attractive and refreshing.”

In addition, on August 3rd, The Doors will reissue a seven-inch single featuring their hit “Hello, I Love You” and the tune “Love Street”, with the date of the single’s release coinciding with the day that “Hello, I Love You” hit number one on the Billboard singles chart.

To pre-order the 50th-anniversary edition of Waiting For The Sun, head here. To pre-order the seven-inch single featuring “Hello, I Love You” and “Love Street”, head here.

Waiting for the Sun 50th-Anniversary Reissue Track List

Disc One – Original Album

1. “Hello, I Love You”
2. “Love Street”
3. “Not To Touch The Earth”
4. “Summer’s Almost Gone”
5. “Wintertime Love”
6. “The Unknown Soldier”
7. “Spanish Caravan”
8. “My Wild Love”
9. “We Could Be So Good Together”
10. “Yes, The River Knows”
11. “Five To One”

Disc Two – Previously Unreleased Tracks

1. “Hello, I Love You” (rough mix)
2. “Summer’s Almost Gone” (rough mix)
3. “Yes, The River Knows” (rough mix)
4. “Spanish Caravan” (rough mix)
5. “Love Street” (rough mix)
6. “Wintertime Love” (rough mix)
7. “Not To Touch The Earth” (rough mix)
8. “Five To One” (rough mix)
9. “My Wild Love” (rough mix)
10. “The WASP (Texas Radio And The Big Beat)” (live in Copenhagen)
11. “Hello, I Love You” (live in Copenhagen)
12. “Back Door Man” (live in Copenhagen)
13. “Five To One” (live in Copenhagen)
14. “The Unknown Soldier” (live in Copenhagen)

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