The Fearless Flyers on Tuesday announced plans for a new album, The Fearless Flyers III. The Vulfpeck offshoot shared the lead single, “Patrol Acrobatique”, off the album currently soliciting crowdfunding on Qrates.

“Patrol Acrobatique” offers a brief, 98-second preview of the forthcoming six-song collection. The track carries the familiar sounds of guitarist Cory Wong‘s rapid-fire guitar strumming, and one of the most subdued Joe Dart basslines committed to tape. Given that the full, 12-inch vinyl has six songs total—three per side—it’s a safe assumption that the rest of Side A will be host lengthy compositions.

The Fearless Flyers are Vulfpeck guitarist Cory Wong and bassist Joe Dart along with drummer Nate Smith and guitarist Mark Lettieri (Snarky Puppy). This will mark the group’s first studio effort since 2020’s Tailwinds, which was proceeded in 2019 by The Fearless Flyers II, and the band’s 2018 eponymous debut LP.

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Though 2022 is still in its infancy, this already marks the second project for Cory Wong who released Wong’s Cafe earlier this month. The 10-track collection issued as a part of the Vulf Vault series featured all the members of Vulfpeck performing new, original compositions.

Warch the new performance video for The Fearless Flyers’ “Patrol Acrobatique” and click here to support the Qrates campaign for Fearless Flyers III. Scroll down for a full tracklist and album artwork designed by Rob Ham.

The Fearless Flyers – “Patrol Acrobatique”

The Fearless Flyers III Tracklist


Patrol Acrobatique
Running Man
Three Basses


Reelin’ in the Years
Flyers Funk

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