On Saturday, December 26th, 50+ artists and hundreds of thousands of viewers around the world came together for Georgia Comes Alive, a virtual music festival aimed at promoting voter participation in Georgia’s critical Senate runoff elections on January 5th, 2021.

One of the many world-renowned acts to take part in the nine-hour livestream was the supergroup The Lame Ducks, comprised of guitarist/singer Bob Weir (Grateful Dead), bassist Dave Schools (Widespread Panic), drummer Jay Lane (Primus/RatDog/Wolf Bros), and pianist Jeff Chimenti (Furthur/Dead & Company), devised specifically for Georgia Comes Alive. For their nearly 30-minute headlining set, the quartet gathered at Weir’s TRI Studios for a three-song performance of Weir-sung tunes out of the Grateful Dead songbook in “Truckin'”, “The Other One”, and “Throwing Stones”.

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The band’s 30-minute performance started with the familiar crescendo opening to “Truckin'”, one of the fan-favorite anthems from the Grateful Dead’s American Beauty album. Weir led the way in handling the song’s tongue-twisting lyrics, which he still managed with ease even 50 years after its release.

After wrapping “Truckin”, the band then dove right into another longtime Deadhead favorite in “The Other One”, one of Weir’s first major songwriting efforts from the Dead’s 1968 psychedelic masterpiece, Anthem of the Sun. The quartet took their time to build the song’s momentum during the opening, allowing Chimenti enough time to play around on the keys before Weir stepped to the mic to deliver the opening verse. The music then took the lead with a jam section that heard Weir, Chimenti, and Schools explore their parts while Lane held down the rhythmic feel. Weir eventually returned to finish the song’s second verse and the song as a whole. The final song of the performance was Weir’s politically-charged “Throwing Stones”, a lyric-heavy tune from the Grateful Dead’s final studio album in 1987’s In the Dark and a perfect selection from the Dead songbook for this politically focused cause.

In addition to the event’s general fundraising efforts, Georgia Comes Alive teamed with Fandiem, a digital sweepstakes marketplace bringing exclusive experiences and prizes to super-fans. While the contests close on Election Day (January 5th), fans can still donate for chances to win exclusive prizes from Georgia Comes Alive artists. Among the most intriguing prizes on the list is a guitar signed by all four members of The Lame Ducks.

With the stakes so high in the coming Georgia Senate runoffs, the members of The Lame Ducks went above and beyond to contribute to the cause: To add to the allure of the big prize, Weir even strung up the guitar and used it during rehearsals for the Lame Ducks performance. There’s still time to donate to enter the Fandiem sweepstakes for the signed guitar from The Lame Ducks—but don’t delay, as the window closes on Tuesday. To enter the Fandiem sweepstakes for the guitar signed by The Lame Ducks and played by Bob Weir or to peruse the other amazing artist prizes and experiences that Georgia Comes Alive fans can enter to win via Fandiem, head here.

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Relive The Lame Ducks’ performance from Georgia Comes Alive in the video below. If you enjoyed the show and have the means, consider donating to Georgia grassroots voter organizations via GeorgiaComesAlive.com. Subscribe to the Live For Live Music YouTube channel for more Georgia Comes Alive videos.

The Lame Ducks (Bob Weir, Dave Schools, Jeff Chimenti, Jay Lane) –” Truckin'”, “The Other One”, “Throwing Stones” – Georgia Comes Alive

Along with performing with The Lame Ducks, Dave Schools also took part in an interview with Georgia Comes Alive host Ari Fink during which he discussed the Athens, GA music scene from which Widespread Panic was born, detailed the backstory behind the band’s famous Panic In The Streets concert in 1998, and how explained local politics played a role in that legendary show coming to fruition.

The Lame Ducks joined 50+ other performers and speakers as part of Georgia Comes Alive, presented by Live For Live Music in partnership with voter registration nonprofit HeadCount. The marathon streaming event, powered by Nugs.TV and Plus 1, generated more than $160,000 in funds for organizations like CivicGeorgia and Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda that are putting in work on the ground to get Georgians out to the polls. For more information, head here. For more information on Georgia Comes Alive, or to donate to CivicGeorgia and Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda, visit GeorgiaComesAlive.com.

Click here to revisit Bob Weir’s conversation centered around voting and how more young folks can play a role in the democratic process with The Avett Brothers bassist Bob Crawford during Democracy Comes Alive back in early October.