Though the pandemic has separated families, friends, and fans alike, it still hasn’t been able to stop the collaborative spirit of live music. On Friday, The Motet and Nigel Hall (Lettuce) shared their latest collaboration in the form of a cover of The Whispers‘ “And The Beat Goes On”.

The communal cover came together between the five members of The Motet and Nigel Hall as a remote studio collaboration. Hall covered all vocal duties while drummer Dave Watts, keyboardist Joey Porter, bassist Garrett Sayers, guitarist Ryan Jalbert, and multi-instrumentalist Drew Sayers manned their usual posts. This is far from the first time the worlds of The Motet and Lettuce have collided even during the pandemic, as the two funk powerhouses teamed up for a cover of Weather Report‘s “Teen Town” at Democracy Comes Alive.

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This latest partnership, however, comes following the departure of Motet vocalist Lyle Divinsky who announced his resignation from the group back in October. While Divinsky’s tenure with The Motet was an important part of the group’s storied history, Hall is more than capable of covering vocal duties for this track. The cover of “And The Beat Goes On” snaps to attention with the deep-seated funk ingrained in both the Motet and Hall’s DNA. With pulsating beats and layered vocal harmonies, the rhythm is infectious as this groovy partnership rides the song off into the sunset.

The Motet attached a statement to the song’s release, giving fans an update about the group’s state of affairs and inspiring hope for its eventual return to the stage.

Since the moment we last walked off stage in Charleston, SC – on the first Sunday of March 2020 – there is one thing that has become more crystallized and defined for us as The Motet. We were put on this planet to play music for you, Live & Direct. Connecting with all our fans through live performance has always been the driving force behind why we love this, and why we will never stop doing this no matter what adversity we are faced with. This year has provided no shortage of adversity. For us as a group, and for everyone.

As we try to look towards better times, you may be wondering what is in store for The Motet. Well, we are writing an insane amount of new music. We are collaborating with some of our favorite artists. We continue looking for a singer to join us in forging this new chapter of the band. We think everyday about the chance to get on a stage in front of you once again (hopefully soon!!!)…

We have gone through so many transformations as a group. This year and always. Throughout our long history of touring and making music, it has always made us stronger and better. What keeps us motivated and moving forward while planning for the most dynamic live Motet show ever is all of you, our fans… and the prospect of seeing Joey getting wild on some talkbox once again.

Listen to The Motet and Nigel Hall collaborate on a cover of The Whispers’ “And The Beat Goes On” below, or on your preferred streaming platform.

The Motet, Nigel Hall – “And The Beat Goes On” (The Whispers)

[Video: The Motet]