Jam band fans who tuned into CBS’s Criminal Minds tonight were in for surprise tonight, as the TV drama following the FBI’s Behavior Analysis Unit dropped references to some of our favorite musicians. This week’s episode, written by Dania Bennett and directed by Diana Valentine, took place in Burlington, Vermont, home state of Phish and, in the CSI world, a fictional serial killer targeting hunters in the woods.

The first victims of the killer were Bob Joplin, Ron Carini, Jerry Hornsby, and Reba Wilson, kicking off a pattern of familiar names that continued throughout the episode. Other names dropped during this week’s Criminal Minds included John Kreutzman, Lynn Anastasio, Trey Gordon, Mike Hood, Paul McConnell, Sergeant Suzanne Kuroda, Janis Weir, Jim Ernesto, and Tom Pollock.

Dania Bennett, the writer for this awesome episode, gave the heads up to potential phans via an Instagram post, which can be seen below.


[H/T Kevin Emery on PHISH TOUR 2014]