The Slip has released a new single, “Superterranean Onlyness”, marking the band’s first new studio release since 2006’s Eisenhower. This new cut comes just weeks after the group announced its first tour since 2011.

Recorded and mixed by Steve Albini at Montreal, QC’s Hotel2Tango, “Superterranean Onlyness” hears members Brad Barr (guitar) and Andrew Barr (drums) come together with bassist Marc Friedman after working on a separate project, The Barr Brothers, since 2012.

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Following a phone call from Howard Bilerman, who runs the studio, asking them if they want to record something for The Barr Brothers project, Brad and Andrew instead decided to invite Friedman to the room and track some new music for The Slip.

In a conversation with JamBase‘s David Onigman, Brad Barr explained, “Marc came up and for two days we tracked with Steve Albini. One day tracking and the next day mixing. He did it all to tape. The computer was off, there was no computer to monitor or computer on at any time. Eventually, we transferred it to Pro Tools…and we opened up the file last month and started finishing up one of the tunes we did with him.”

Picking up right where it left off in 2006, The Slip provides listeners with its unique brand of avant-rock on the new track. A rounded bassline and mellow drums support a lightly distorted guitar and melodious vocals throughout the song’s 4:41 runtime. Midway through, “Superterranean Onlyness” descends into a breakdown section that hears Friedman’s bass briskly thump along, carrying interjections from horns and fluttering backup vocals repeating the refrain, “Giving you my onlyness.”

Listen to the latest studio release from The Slip, “Superterranean Onlyness”, below and head here for information regarding the band’s 2021 tour. The Slip will travel across the Northeast from November 11th–20th, performing in Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New York.

The Slip – “Superterranean Onlyness”

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