The Smile concluded its 2022 North American tour with two shows at Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, CA on Thursday and Friday. The trio featuring Radiohead‘s Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood alongside Sons of Kemet drummer Tom Skinner is touring in support of its debut album, A Light For Attracting Attention, from which the bulk of the setlist was drawn, though the band also played other songs including some unreleased tracks debuted over the summer and a new one featured in the show Peaky Blinders.

The trio’s setlist has remained relatively consistent, with only minor amendments from one night to the next. Friday’s show kicked off with the opening track from A Light For Attracting Attention, “The Same”, followed by more tracks from the album including “Thin Thing”, “The Opposite”, “Speech Bubble”, “A Hairdryer”, and “Waving a White Flag”. The band then altered its course, temporarily straying from the album’s tracklist for a detour through unreleased track “Colours Fly” before returning to the album with “We Don’t Know What Tomorrow Brings”, which suffered an interruption due to some technical difficulties with Yorke’s keyboards.

Next came “Under Our Pillows”, another unreleased track that the band debuted over the summer, followed by “Teleharmonic”, a tune that has made an impression on fans since being featured in Peaky Blinders and which the band debuted in Atlanta earlier this month. “Skrting on the Surface” came next ahead of “Read the Room”, the final unreleased song of the set, with the remainder of the main set consisting of “Pana-Vision”, “The Smoke”, and “You Will Never Work in Television Again”.

For the encore, the band selected one song from the album, “Open the Floodgates”, one unreleased song, “Bending Hectic”, and a Thom Yorke original, “Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses”, to close the show.

Check out fan-shot videos via FleshCop and a gallery of photos from The Smile at Shrine Auditorium courtesy of photographer Matt Rea below.

The Smile has upcoming U.K. tour dates in January and February. For a full list of shows and ticketing details, visit the band’s website.

The Smile – “The Same” – 12/22/22

The Smile – “Thin Thing” – 12/22/22

The Smile – “The Opposite” – 12/22/22

The Smile – “Speech Bubbles” – 12/22/22

The Smile – “A Hairdryer” – 12/22/22

The Smile – “Waving a White Flag” – 12/22/22

The Smile – “Colours Fly” – 12/22/22

The Smile – “We Don’t Know What Tomorrow Brings” – 12/22/22

The Smile – “Under Our Pillows” – 12/22/22

The Smile – “Teleharmonic” – 12/22/22

The Smile – “Skrting on the Surface” – 12/22/22

The Smile – “Read the Room” – 12/22/22

The Smile – “Pana-Vision” – 12/22/22

The Smile – “The Smoke” – 12/22/22

The Smile – “You Will Never Work in Television Again” – 12/22/22

The Smile – “Open the Floodgates” – 12/22/22

The Smile – “Bending Hectic” – 12/22/22

The Smile – “Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses” – 12/22/22

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Setlist: The Smile | Shrine Auditorium | Los Angeles, CA | 12/22/22

The Same, Thin Thing, The Opposite, Speech Bubbles, A Hairdryer, Waving a White Flag, Colours Fly, We Don’t Know What Tomorrow Brings [1], Under Our Pillows, Teleharmonic, Skrting on the Surface, Read the Room, Pana-Vision, The Smoke, You Will Never Work in Television Again

Encore: Open the Floodgates, Bending Hectic, Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses (Thom Yorke)

[1] Aborted and restarted due to issues with Thom’s keyboards.