NYC based and local favorites, The Strokes, have begun recording again, according to frontman Julian Casablancas. The vocalist, who recently sat down for an in-depth interview with Noisey, has also recently released his second solo album, Tyranny, which he feels is a “more true collaboration than he’s felt in a band setting before,” with backing band The Voidz.

Two years after the release of their fifth album, Comedown MachineThe Strokes, according to Casablancas, can still collaborate effectively and come up with new material. During the interview, Casablancas shares, “We’re planning on recording stuff. I still think we could do cool things and I’ll do that.”

The Strokes have always proved their worth among contenders in the garage-rock scene, as several notables in the industry have recognized them as the best of the best. Noisey quotes several of these individuals, even mentioning Daniel Kessler of Interpol, who describes them as “unstoppable and infectious and as such will be forever. I really believe in that band as a collective and each individual member. I would always bet on The Strokes.'”

You can catch The Strokes this summer at several festival spots, including Big Guava Music Festival and Primavera Sound 2015. Or, check out Julian Casablancas+The Voidz, whose experimental sounds shed light on a different side of the talented vocalist.


Stephanie D’Agostini

[via Noisey]