Social media has changed the way we exist as a society in monumental ways, affecting virtually every aspect of our daily lives. This, of course, extends to the fans’ relationship with the music and musicians they love. Phish is a prime example of this phenomenon: When the band started, there was no good large-scale method for fans to connect—the band gained popularity via tape trading.

Eventually, as the Internet became more prevalent, discussion forums started, giving an active but relatively small faction of fans a platform for discussion. Today, virtually everyone is on social media, and in the last few years countless Phish-dedicated Facebook groups and Twitter accounts have sprouted up, connecting large groups of fans and providing platforms for people to instantly share opinions and information on a massive scale. These pages are almost exclusively not connected to the band itself in any way, and that’s what makes it so satisfying when something from Phish-Twitter or “Phacebook” reaches their ears, as it did at Saturday’s show in Chula Vista, CA.

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While once upon a time funky Phish favorite “Tube” would get the improv treatment (listen to the 12/7/97 version for one of the best Phish jams you’ll find), the song has now been strictly a quickie for years. Since joining Twitter in 2014, user @TubeJamUpdate has had one question to answer—Did Phish finally jam out “Tube” again? Many of the account’s tweets have been jokes about the lack of a Tube jam, but the majority are just a simple answer to the question, which up until Saturday was always “no.”

On Saturday, @TubeJamUpdate finally got to post in the affirmative!

Only later did @TubeJamUpdate learn that the account itself was responsible for the jam! A user named Jordan Fogel tweeted out the story, saying that he and Steve Pollak, aka “The Dude of Life,” showed Trey Anastasio the Twitter account. The Phish guitarist apparently got a kick out of it, because he obliged, and now we have a jammed out “Tube” for it!

Check out the story below.

Listen to the “Tube” in question, below, and bask in all of its Twitter-inspired jammed out glory!

[Photo by Brandon Weil]