The White Stripes surprised fans with a new animated video for the De Stijl classic, “Apple Blossom”, on Friday. Along with the new video, the band shared the tracklist for their upcoming The White Stripes Greatest Hits collection, out December 4th.

The new video features animation by celebrated cartoonist Wartella, and employs familiar White Stripes iconography with the inclusion of red and white stripes throughout. The former Village Voice cartoonist uses cardboard cutout and silhouette style animation to tell the story of a woman rescued by love.

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With a succinct 2:14 minute runtime, the video for “Apple Blossom” has to get to the point quickly. Upon cutting open the titular apple, we find a distraught woman who sets out at sea, only to wash ashore beside a lighthouse. The tender lighthouse keeper eventually nurses her back to health while playing the piano and serving as someone she can tell her troubles to. Before long, the two fall in love and elope from the shore while the lighthouse burns in the background.

Watch the new music video for “Apple Blossom” by The White Stripes below.

The White Stripes – “Apple Blossom” (Official Music Video)

[Video: The White Stripes]

Along with the Greatest Hits tracklist, The White Stripes have revealed that fans who purchase the CD or vinyl can also receive certain bonus items at participating record stores. As shown in a diagram attached to the announcement, small mementos that correspond to certain tracks will be given out at various independent music outlets.

For instance, a pen reading “Property of Suzy Lee” for “We’re Going To Be Friends”, a miniature rotary phone for “Hello Operator”, and—of course—a toy soldier for “Seven Nation Army”. Check out the diagram below, along with the Greatest Hits tracklist, and click here for a map of participating record stores. The collection is also available for pre-order through Third Man Records here.

The White Stripes Greatest Hits Tracklist

1. “Let’s Shake Hands”
2. “The Big Three Killed My Baby”
3. “Fell in Love With a Girl”
4. “Hello Operator”
5. “I’m Slowly Turning Into You”
6. “The Hardest Button yo Button”
7. “The Nurse”
8. “Screwdriver”
9. “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground”
10. “Death Letter”
11. “We’re Going yo Be Friends”
12. “The Denial Twist”
13. “I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself”
14. “Astro”
15. “Conquest”
16. “Jolene”
17. “Hotel Yorba”
18. “Apple Blossom”
19. “Blue Orchid”
20. “Ball and Biscuit”
21. “I Fought Piranhas”
22. “I Think I Smell a Rat”
23. “Icky Thump”
24. “My Doorbell”
25. “You’re Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl)”
26. “Seven Nation Army”

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