We all know that the Grateful Dead “Fare Thee Well” reunion shows have created something of a hysteria among Deadheads. At first it was over the Trey Anastasio selection, and then the complaints mainly centered around the cost of tickets. Now, secondary ticketing giant StubHub has shared some of the ticket statistics in conjunction with “Fare Thee Well,” and the data is staggering.

First of all, we can confirm one thing: the demand for these tickets is very real. On a per show basis, the Grateful Dead are outselling Taylor Swift, StubHub’s highest selling artist, by 65%! That means 65% more people are buying Dead tickets than T-Swift ones.

When you compare ticket sales with other legacy acts, including Paul McCartney and The Rolling Stones, the numbers are just as staggering.

Grateful Dead – 24%
Paul McCartney – 12%
The Rolling Stones – 11%
Fleetwood Mac – 9%
Rush – 8%
AC/DC – 8%
U2 – 8%
Van Halen – 8%
The Who – 7%
Garth Brooks – 5%

Interestingly, ticket prices have come down for both sets of ‘Fare Thee Well’ shows, dropping by 16% for Santa Clara and 20% for Chicago in the last week alone. There’s still hope for the ticket-less folks yet!

However, it seems that Chicago is drawing people nationwide, while Santa Clara is mainly drawing people from the West Coast (California in particular).

Top 5 States Attending Santa Clara Shows

California – 59%
Colorado – 4%
Oregon – 4%
Washington – 3%
New York – 3%

Top 5 States Attending Chicago Shows

Illinois – 14%
California – 13%
New York – 11%
Florida – 5%
Massachusetts – 5%

This could serve as an explanation as to why there’s been more hype surrounding the Chicago shows in general, as the distribution of attendees is more spread out. However, there are tons of great events surrounding both shows… Check some out below!

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