They Might Be Giants – The Paramount – Friday, March 22nd

Coming off their 30th Anniversary celebration in 2012, They Might Be Giants have been keeping quite busy (as they always do) and are getting set to release their latest album Nanobots on March 5th.  They have just released three new preview tracks on iTunes titled “Call Your Mom”, “Lost My Mind” and “Black Ops”, and will be making their only local NYC-area stop on Friday, March 22nd at Huntington’s The Paramount (buy tickets here).  Originally hailing from Lincoln, MA, both John Flansburg and John Linnell went on to form what they would eventually dub They Might Be Giants in Brooklyn, NY in 1982.  The early days of TMBG typically saw Flansburg on guitar, Linnell on accordion and saxaphone, joined by a drum machine on stage.  Their humor was evident in their comical stage setups with various props and cardboard cut-outs, which only furthered their reputation and helped them to sell out their monthly residency at Darinka, a performance club on the Lower East Side.

Eventually, in the 90′s Flansburg and Linnell brought on a full band, with the current lineup consisting of Marty Beller, Dan Miller and Danny Weinkauf.  You can best describe TMBG as alternative, but extremely unconventional and experimental.  They have found quite a bit of commercial success with the certified platinum album Flood, have won a Grammy for their song “Boss of Me” which is the theme song for the Fox comedy Malcolm in the Middle, and another Grammy for their children’s album Here Come the 123′s.  In total, They Might Be Giants have sold over 4 million records.

They Might Be Giants has really dictated the course of their career, which is difficult for many bands to do these days, and have found an incredible amount of success while simply doing whatever they want to do.  They were one of the first bands to truly embrace the internet, while giving updates to fans via Usenet newsgroups, and were the first major label recording artists to release an entire album exclusively in mp3 format with 1999′s Long Tall Weekend.  They contributed the song “Dr. Evil” to Austin Powers:  The Spy Who Shagged Me, performed the theme song “Dog On Fire” to The Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart, and most recently composed and performed the theme song to the TLC series Resident Life.

Nanobots marks the 16th album from They Might Be Giants, and to celebrate they have embarked on a major US Tour that will see them stop in almost every major city.  However, their only stop locally in the NYC-area is at Huntington’s The Paramount in Long Island on Friday, March 22nd.  Purchase tickets for The Paramount show here.

Brooklyn’s Moon Hooch is slated to open the show.  Their self-titled debut “The Moon Hooch Album” which was recorded in just a single day, gives the listener a taste of what’s to come for these guys.  They seamlessly blend House, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, and Jazz into style that is uniquely Moon Hooch: Cave Music.  Check out their new album here.

Check out the 3 new tracks from They Might Be Giants Nanobots on iTunes here.

For a full list of TMBG’s discography, click this link.

Show Info:
They Might Be Giants
Moon Hooch

The Location:  The Paramount Theatre – Huntington, NY (Long Island)

How To Get There:  The Paramount is located in Huntington Village, and is easily accessible by both car and train. If you take the train into Huntington Station, there is a trolley that will take you to and from the train station and venue for free with your concert ticket. If you get to Huntington early, there is a number of excellent restaurants to eat at, as well as plenty of bars to choose from for a pre-concert drink.

“Boss of Me” – Theme song from Malcolm in the Middle:

Video for “The Mesopotamians” off the 2007 album The Else: