Imagine you’ve partied well into the night at a summer festival, only to be woken two hours later by the sweltering heat of the morning sun. The sweaty scene may soon be a thing of the past, thanks to the Siesta4.

Unlike traditional nylon and polyester tents, the Siesta4 is made out of a lightweight fly fabric that will reflect sun and heat radiation, keeping the inside dark and cool during those difficult morning hours. Now you can sleep the day away!

Not only that, but the Siesta4 has a built-in USB-powered fans that can bring cool air into the tent while the door remains closed. Check it:

The Siesta4 is currently in the Kickstarter phase, and donations of $265 or more will secure a Siesta4 tent for you. The retail price will be higher, so donate to the cause here!

[Via YourEDM]