Never mind that the band members, and never mind that founding keyboardist Richard Wright passed away in 2008… if Governor John Kasich is elected, he has a plan to reunite the members of Pink Floyd for a few songs, because apparently that’s the best way to capture voter attention when you’re trailing 25+ percentage points.

While the Iowa caucus mainly focused on the race between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, Kasich unveiled his new plan to capture the vote. In an interview with CNN last night, Kasich said, “If I’m president, I am going to once and for all try to reunite Pink Floyd to come together and play a couple of songs.”

Of course, David Gilmour recently came out and said that he’s “done with” Pink Floyd, and of course he and Roger Waters just despise one another. We’re certainly interested to see how Kasich might pull something like this off, something that seems incredibly infeasible.

If he is elected, however, the first song he’d want to hear would be “Money.” We would have asked for “Echoes,” but that’s just us.

Watch the interview below:

[H/T CoS]