This is interesting – Thom Yorke announced on Twitter this morning that, along with his Atoms For Peace bandmate and long time producer Nigel Godrich, will be globetrotting across the world to perform a series of DJ sets. As of right now, venues are unknown, but the mini-tour will see stops in London on February 22, Berlin on March 8, and New York on March 14. Yorke also promised some special guests to be announced for each stop.

So pretty much Thom Yorke can do whatever he wants at this point, and people will freak out. If Thom Yorke tweeted that he was going to spinning plates in Central Park tomorrow, it would be a mob scene. But seriously, this should be interesting, if not awesome. It’ll definitely mob up some interest in the Atoms For Peace album set to be released on February 25th. But why no tour? Flea too busy? One day.