Ticketmaster has released its SmartEvent solutions this week, helping venues navigate and adapt to COVID-19 safety measures. The company separates its new SmartEvent solutions into three sections: access and seating design, contactless and self-service experiences, and integration with other apps and services.

With regards to access and seating design, Ticketmaster developed the Social Distance Seating, Timed Entry, and Entry Rate Monitoring tools. Ticketmaster’s Social Distance Seating Tool uses a custom algorithm that considers a venue’s size, distance between seats, and other data points to create unique seating strategies for each event. The tool can quickly adjust seating arrangements for various events and adapts to the ever-changing COVID-19 guidelines in each market. A Timed Entry Tool then allows event organizers to provide specific arrival times to ticketholders, ensuring that people can enter the venue in a safe and efficient manner. Venues will also have access to the Entry Rate Monitoring Tool, which will help manage lines and avoid entryway congestion.

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A part of the SmartEvent solutions also includes contactless and self-service experiences. While Ticketmaster had already developed digital tickets back in 2017, the company has compounded upon that experience now with a contactless box office. This will allow a venue’s box office to handle all ticketing transactions, account support, refunds, and will-call while reducing the need for physical interactions between fans and staff. This includes contactless scanners, as well as contactless payment, mobile ordering, and in-venue experiences on the Ticketmaster app. Things like concessions and merchandise will now be available in the app, helping to reduce flow throughout the venue and limiting in-person interaction.

Ticketmaster’s new Secure Ticket Transfer tool, powered by SafeTix, allows venues to know each fan in the building, regardless of how many times a ticket has been transferred. This feature gives event organizers the ability to facilitate contact tracing if necessary.

“We know that fans around the world are eager to return to live events and SmartEvent gives event organizers an array of solutions to help make that possible,” said Mark Yovich, President of Ticketmaster in a statement. “SmartEvent brings together our advanced technology platform and industry-leading venue and seating insights, putting Ticketmaster in the unique position to facilitate paths back to live.”

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