Southern Avenue drummer Tikyra Jackson is putting the focus on her day job on hold momentarily in hopes of introducing her music as a solo artist. The accomplished rock drummer released her debut solo single on Wednesday entitled, “No More Fear”.

While the song itself isn’t tied to a full-length studio debut just yet, the song was an important therapeutic activity for Tikyra as she processed the recent deaths of African-Americans George FloydBreonna Taylor, and the resurgence of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. While Southern Avenue’s music hasn’t shied away from discussing issues of race and inequality, “No More Fear” belongs solely to Tikyra.

The two-and-a-half-minute song hears Tikyra play every instrument on the recording in addition to providing the vocals. From the first notes of a dripping bassline combined with heavy wah-wah effects on an electric guitar, the song is able to take on the powerful emotions that Tikyra put into it. Her lyrics, “Here we are, here we been/Revolution said begin/Sick and tired of the man/Trying to get me and my friends” immediately makes her mission clear and shows no regrets about it.

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“To say we’re living in a crazy time is an understatement,” Tikyra added in a statement with the song’s arrival. “Living in a global pandemic and experiencing the murders of our fellow human beings, unjustly killed for simply being Black, it’s all soul-jarring. ‘No More Fear’ is a reflection of today’s time and the social justice movement. I’m speaking my truth through music in the hopes more will listen and make a change.”

While Tikyra meant “No More Fear” as a call to action, she is adamant that the only way forward is through love.

“I think in general I would like to believe that the world can be saved through love,” she added. “But obviously it’s not always about daisies and roses. Sometimes you have to speak the tone that you feel. Sometimes you have to grind or get a couple of scars. That’s what ‘No More Fear’ is about. The most you can do is follow your heart, and follow your purpose. That’s what we need in this world and hopefully that will make a change in society for the better.”

Listen to “No More Fear”, the debut single from Tikyra of Southern Avenue below. The single will be available on digital platforms on August 14th.

Tikyra – “No More Fear”

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Earlier this year Jackson was given Governor status for the Recording Academy‘s Memphis chapter, joining an exclusive list of fellow musicians and members of the music community from the Tennessee city who have been recognized with the inclusive honor.

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