On Friday nightPhish rolled into Los Angeles, kicking off the group’s two-night run at The Forum. While Friday night’s jam-heavy second set earned a lot of buzz—and particularly, the second set’s nearly 50-minute, non-stop opening run through “Blaze On”, “Down With Disease”, “Simple”, and “Ghost”—overall, the show saw the band in peak form.

Throughout Friday night’s show, the “fifth member of the band,” lighting designer Chris Kuroda, was similarly on point, taking full advantage of The Forum’s massive indoor space with his cutting-edge light rig. Much like the band’s shows earlier in the week at San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, Kuroda could fully unleash in the indoor venue, offering up a truly mesmerizing light show from start to finish.

A Reddit user, u/awfulcipher, captured some of CK5’s magic during the first set’s “Everything Right”, which fell immediately after Phish’s show-opening “Chalk Dust Torture”. The high-quality, time-lapse video was shot over the course of 11 minutes and recorded from Section 136, making for the perfect location to capture video of the light show. You can check out u/awfulcipher’s stunning time-lapse video below, courtesy of the user.

[H/T Eric Munsell in PHISH TOUR 2014]