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Tom Marshall Reveals Trey’s Answer To The Meaning Of S.A.N.T.O.S. In New Podcast Episode

On Tom Marshall’s most recent Under The Scales podcast episode, he recruited friends and Phish fans Brian Brinkman, David Steinberg, Craig Hillwig, Jen Bernstein, R.J. Bee, Stephen Thomas, and Scott Gray to dissect Phish’s Kasvot Växt Halloween set, song-by-song. Marshall explains that he attempted to recruit (in this order) Mike Gordon, Page McConnell, Trey Anastasio, or Jon Fishman, to discuss the still-mysterious Kasvot Växt set, with all four members respectfully declining.

Trey and Tom have been best friends and songwriting partners since elementary school, but Tom explains that he had absolutely nothing to do with Phish’s mastermind curveball they threw for Halloween, and remained in the dark, just as Phish’s entire fanbase did. Trey remains extremely tight-lipped following Phish’s debatably greatest prank ever, but according to Tom Marshall, the one thing Trey divulged is what the acronym S.A.N.T.O.S. stands for. Whether we believe it or not, Trey evidently told Tom that S.A.N.T.O.S., from Phish’s new tune “Say It To Me S.A.N.T.O.S.”, stands for “Subterranean. Arctic. Neuro. Technology. Orientation. Station.”

It’s completely possible that Trey is just messing with his longtime friend Tom, and the entire Phish fanbase that remains extremely curious about how Phish executed one of their most impressive stunts of all time with such precision and detail. Remember, this is the band that convinced everyone that they were covering an obscure Scandinavian band from the 1980’s. Tom jokingly made a remark that he hopes this most recent episode would be posted and published before SiriusXM host Ari Fink details Phish’s glorious Halloween set. Hopefully, Trey reveals more details when the new installment of “Ask Trey” on SiriusXM goes live in the upcoming weeks.

Below, you can listen to the Tom Marshall and friends’ latest Under The Scales podcast episode:

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