On his last Under The Scales podcast, Phish lyricist Tom Marshall spoke with former High Times managing editor Jen Bernstein, discussing the beginning’s of “Divided Sky” and the history behind the Rhombus. In this latest edition, Marshall is joined by Jake Huffman, drummer of the band McLovins.

Phish Lyricist Tom Marshall Visits The Rhombus With High Times Editor Jen Bernstein In New Videos

The two discuss the McLovins’ earliest days, where they released an on-point and rather impressive version of Phish’s “You Enjoy Myself” as a 14-year old trio. They quickly became a hit in the Northeast jam scene upon the initial release of that video on the world wide web, and within a short amount of time were playing around the country.

They also chat about collaborating on the track “Cohesive” which was written with Marshall in 2010, the writing process, the evolution of the McLovins, play a couple of tracks (“P.T.” and “Talk About It”), working with Bill Sherman who produced music for the Hamilton soundtrack and is the musical director for Sesame Street, writing a song that Ed Sheeran sang, and much more.

The band also recently spoke with us about this particular cover, in a feature that you can read here.

Take a listen to the Under The Scales podcast:

McLovins cover Phish’s “You Enjoy Myself”:

The McLovins are heading out on the road next week for a lengthy Winter tour, which will begin in Colorado and see the band make their way back East to Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and further South. Check out tour dates below. The next Under The Scales podcast on February 6th will take an in-depth look at Trey Anastasio’s guitars, signal chain, and amps.