The latest Tom Petty single from the forthcoming expanded Wildflowers release, “Leave Virginia Alone”, is out today with a new music video co-directed by the late singer-songwriter’s daughter Adria Petty.

The single joins previously-released unearthed tracks “Confusion Wheel”, “Wildflowers (Home Recording)”, and “There Goes Angela (Dream Away) (Home Recording)“. Wildflowers & All The Rest is due out on October 16th.

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In the new video for the track, Casimere Jollette stars as the titular Virginia in “Leave Virginia Alone”. Set to star in Netflix‘s upcoming drama series Tiny Pretty Things, Jollette encapsulates the turbulent character of Virginia who wrestles the public’s admiration of her with her own demons. Meanwhile, it is Petty’s poignant lyrics that write the script for a performance that fleshes out the character from the songwriter’s mind.

Adria Petty said of the video,

We were very resourceful about trying to create a character that could be assigned to anyone. That’s why Virginia in this video is very mysterious but she has her little glimpses of characters. We really worked to cast someone authentic—that felt like they were really feeling their feelings and someone that you could believe. We really wanted the song to do the heavy lifting in this video, and sort of step out of the way and just give it something to breathe with.

Co-director Mark Seliger added, “The one idea that kept coming back to both of us is that we really want Tom to be narrating the story. We really want to hear his voice as he runs you through this journey that this woman is having.”

Watch the new music video for “Leave Virginia Alone” from the upcoming Tom Petty release Wildflowers & All The Rest, and click here to pre-order.

Tom Petty – “Leave Virginia Alone” (Official Music Video)

[Video: Tom Petty]