Earlier today, Rolling Stone announced they had received a press release from Tom Waits, titled “Tom Waits: Permission to Come Aboard”, with attached picture of Waits in full pirate gear and the text “Coming August 7″. While what exactly this means is anyone’s guess, it can be assumed we can expect some sort of tour announcement.

Waits tours very sporadically, and tickets are known to end up being in extremely high demand. Waits has remained somewhat of a cult musical icon throughout his forty year career, receiving most of his commercial success outside of the country. Despite this, his songs have been covered by some of the biggest names in music; he has won two Grammys, and was inducted into the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame in 2011.

Waits’ most recent album was released in October 2011, entitled Bad as Me. He also performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and The Late Show with David Letterman several weeks ago. Mark August 7th on your calendar and check Live For Live Music for the official announcement from Waits’ camp.