Here’s Danny! Tool drummer Danny Carey and The Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti will both take turns behind the kit on Late Night with Seth Meyers‘ 8G Band this month. Each drummer will take their talents to the NBC program for one week in January.

First up is Moretti, who began his tenure on Monday, January 9th and will remain on the show through Thursday, January 12th. Later this month, Carey will take over on drums from Monday the 23rd through Thursday the 26th. Both Moretti and Carey previously sat in with the 8G Band back in 2016.

This comes as the latest sit-in for the 8G Band, following appearances from bassist Karina Rykman (who received a memorable proposition from Tracy Morgan) and drummers Nikki Glaspie and Joe Russo, who recently subbed in for the ever-present drumming comedian and bandleader Fred Armisen.

The Strokes last month revealed that a new album is on the way with Rick Rubin once again producing. Rubin first broke the news to Joe Rogan saying it was recorded on top of a mountain in Costa Rica, with Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas later expounding, “True, Strokes’ve jammed and started some stuff, but we’re still so extremely v far off from from being even close to any kinda remotely-near-doneness…” He added, “Check back in a year or 2 honestly”.

Tool recently announced a pair of high-profile festival appearances headlining Welcome To Rockville and Sonic Temple over back-to-back weekends in May.

Tune in to Late Night with Seth Meyers on NBC at 12:35 a.m. ET or streaming on Peacock.


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