Enigmatic progressive/hard rock band Tool launched their fall tour this weekend at Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, CA, marking the band’s first gig since January. The performance came after a lineup of hard rock heavy hitters, with AnthraxMeshuggahPrimus, and Slayer all turning in sets before Tool’s explosive headlining performance.

Tool turned in a 10-song performance over their 100-minute set, delivering classics like “Parabola”, “Ænema”, and the epic “Forty-Six & 2”. The band also debuted new arrangements of “Stinkfist” and “Opiate” that surely left hardcore fans satisfied.

However, the show almost didn’t happen, as drummer Danny Carey was dealing with some pretty serious health issues right up until show time. Carey performed the set with a very serious staph infection that was causing headaches and pain in his joints throughout his body. See below for an Instagram post from Carey’s bandmate, guitarist Adam Jones, about the serious health issues he was facing.

Danny Carey, the ultimate badass!

See below for some videos and a full setlist from Tool’s epic performance at Aftershock Festival.

Watch “Third Eye”, courtesy of YouTube user Joe Blow

Watch “Opiate”, courtesy of YouTube user toolbert

Watch “Ænema”, courtesy of YouTube user jesseriah

Watch “Stinkfist”, courtesy of YouTube user Joe Blow

Tool | Aftershock Festival | Sacramento, CA | 10/22/2016

Third Eye (Extended outro), The Grudge, Parabola, Opiate (Extended “New” version), Ænema, Descending, Jambi, Forty-Six & 2, Sweat, Stinkfist (No extended bridge)